ACA - Nondiscrimination on Basis of Sex

Emery County School District

Policy: ACA—Non Discrimination on the Basis of Sex

Date Adopted: 20 April 1993

Current Review / Revision: 12 November 1997

Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 requires that girls and boys be treated equally in regard to participation in interscholastic sports. In accordance with the provisions of Title IX, the following rules are established and high school principals and coaches are to insure that strict adherence to these regulations are maintained: [20 USC § 1681- 86] [34 CFR § 106.8 (b)].

  1. Both boys and girls will be treated equally with regard to announcing the starting line-ups and in providing name display boards at home games.

  2. When boys and girls teams travel to the same location to participate in interscholastic sports, the members of both teams shall be required to report to school at the same time following such team travel.

  3. When girls or boys teams qualify for a state tournament, activity buses for student supporters will be provided for travel to the state tournament on the basis of one bus for every 65 students desiring to travel (and pay the required bus fee). No bus will be provided for less than 40 students.

  4. When selecting members of boys and girls teams through tryouts, each high school will insure that the number of “no-cut” provisions shall be equal in number for girls and boys sports, e.g., if boys football makes “no-cuts” then one girls team must also follow the “no-cut” procedure. The number of “no-cut” arrangements must be equivalent for boys and girls within any high school.

  5. The number of paid coaches for boys and girls teams for comparable sports must be equal.

  6. Compensation paid to coaches for girls and boys teams is equalized on the basis of the length of the regular season, number of games played, and number of practices.

  7. Practice and competitive facilities for boys and girls teams shall be equivalent.

  8. All funds from gate receipts, booster clubs, fund raising by teams, cash donations, or any other sources of revenue will be distributed under the supervision of the high school principal. These funds will be distributed to girls and boys sports on an equitable basis determined by need. This shall include expending funds for uniforms, equipment, and other team needs.

  9. The high schools will provide pre-game meals for boys and girls varsity athletics on the same basis when teams are traveling.

  10. Principals will insure that girls and boys teams are treated equally in regard to equipment and uniforms. If a parent, business, or other entity offers a gift to a team, such gift, if accepted, must be considered as a grant requiring a match by the school, or be divided equally between boys and girls sports.