GCIG - Professional Staff Growth Credits

Emery County School District

Policy: GCIG-Professional Staff Growth Credits

Date Adopted: 1 December 1987

Current Review / Revision: 1 December 1987

The Emery County School District Board of Education recognizes that many certified employees have talents and expertise in instruction that could be beneficially shared with other certificated personnel to meet local staff development requirements. Therefore, the Board encourages certificated employees to present or participate in local workshops and in so doing earn credits that can be applied to the salary schedule for step increases or lane changes.

Credits can be earned as follows:

  1. A participant can earn one (1) professional growth credit (the equivalent of one (1) quarter unit of college credit) for each sixteen (16) hours of attendance at approved local workshops.

  2. A workshop presenter can earn double the credit of a participant. That is, a workshop presenter can earn one

    1. professional growth credit (the equivalent of one (1) quarter unit of college credit) by conducting eight (8) hours of approved workshops.

  3. Participant/ presenter hours may be combined to earn professional growth credits. For example: Eight (8) hours of participation and four (4) hours of workshop presentation (4 X 2 = 8) would equal (1) professional growth credit.

The maximum number of professional growth credits to be earned in any one school year is six (6).

The Superintendent will establish administrative regulations pertaining to the earning of professional growth credits that ensure high standards of staff development designed to meet local needs.

Professional Growth Credits

  1. Certificated personnel are encouraged to seek opportunities to present workshops (in-service training) that would be appropriate for an individual school or for the district. Such proposals should be made to the Principal or to a District Supervisor as appropriate. Such proposals should include:
    1. an outline of the workshop to be presented;
    2. the outcome(s) stated as an objective; and
    3. the time required for the workshop presentation.
  2. The District Supervisors and the Principals are also encouraged to identify the staff development needs of certificated personnel in the district / school. An attempt to satisfy some of those needs should be met through utilization of the expertise of staff members. When a person has been identified to provide the in-service training, an outline, objective(s), and time requirements should be prepared as stated in section A above.
  3. If the interest is such that state, regional, national conferences, Emery District, other districts, or other schools would like to have the workshop presented at another location or locations, the presenter will receive professional growth credits for each presentation on the same basis as outlined in policy CCI-Staff Professional Development Opportunities. However, no growth credit will be granted to presenters or participants when the presentation involves payment, honorarium, college credit, or extended days.
  4. When a staff member identifies a workshop and prepares the required prerequisites (outline, objective(s) and time requirements), such prerequisites shall be presented to the principal for recommendation to a district supervisor for final approval. All district workshops will be approved by a District Supervisor. It is assumed that discussion between the prospective presenter and the Principal or a District Supervisor (as appropriate) will take place prior to the preparation of the outline, objective(s), and time requirements.
  5. A District Supervisor will prepare a record keeping plan to insure that records for both participants and presenters are maintained to insure that proper credit is granted to both parties as outlined in policy GCI­ Staff Professional Development Opportunities.