GBGB - Staff Protection

Emery County School District

Policy: GBGB-Staff Protection

Date Adopted:7 September 1988

Current Review / Revision: 11 December 1997

The Emery County School District Board will provide protection for its employees in the event they suffer, or are threatened with, financial loss as the result of carrying out their assigned duties.

Any employee who has suffered assault in connection with employment will immediately report the episode, in writing,

to his/her immediate supervisor, and will make such supplemental written reports as needed.

Whenever an employee is temporarily absent from her/his place of employment and temporarily unable to perform his/her usual duties as a result of an assault incurred in the scope and course of employment, the employee will continue to be paid either through the regular payroll or the District's Worker's Compensation insurance. If additional leave is required the request will be presented to the Board for consideration.

The District, upon recommendation of the superintendent, will reimburse an employee when the employee's personal property is soiled, damaged, or destroyed by others through acts of personal physical assault and when such losses occur during the employee's usual duties. All such losses must be reported, in writing, to the employee's immediate supervisor within ten (10) days.

To determine the length of time during which an employee is temporarily unable to perform duties, and in determining that a disability is attributable to the specific injury involved, the Board shall have the right to have an employee examined by a physician of its own designation and expense. In the event that there is an adjudication of the period of temporary disability in the appropriate worker's compensation proceeding, the Board may adopt such adjudication.

Public policy and the statutes provide that the Board will protect its employees against claims that may be entered against them as a result of carrying out their assigned duties and responsibilities. To protect its own financial resources as well, the Board will provide for sufficient liability coverage for personnel, workmen's compensation coverage, malpractice insurance as found needed, and unemployment compensation insurance.