GCBA - Professional Staff Salary Schedule

Emery County School District

Policy: GCBA—Professional Staff Salary Schedule

Date Adopted: 2 November 1988

Current Review / Revision: 2 November 2005


The Board will annually adopt a salary schedule for its regular and substitute teaching personnel and will place all personnel on the salary schedule commensurate with, but not limited to, education, professional growth credits, prior experience, and experience in the District. The schedule adopted by the Board will remain in effect until changed or modified by the Board.

Salary increments will be conditioned upon evidence of the continued professional growth of the teacher. Evidence of professional growth, which qualifies a teacher for lane advancement on the approved salary schedule, must include an official transcript of credits from an accredited college or university indicating completion of an advanced degree, a copy of the advanced degree certificate, or a letter from an authorized officer of the college or university indicating completion of the advanced degree program. A copy of the advanced degree certificate or a letter from a college or university must be followed, within 60 days, by an official transcript.

Evidence may also include verification of completion of Professional Growth Credits awarded under Board Policy GCIG—Professional Growth Credits. When qualifying evidence is received prior to the 15th of the month, payroll changes will take effect on the first pay period of the following month. Evidence received after the 15th of the month will require changes be delayed for an additional month.

The option to discount a year of poor teaching shall be available to the Board.

Placement on the salary schedule will be in accordance with requirements developed by the administration and approved by the Board.

The District will comply with statutory provisions regarding salary schedules.



The annual base salary for administrative and supervisory personnel will be set by the Board. Changes in this base will be made whenever changes are made in the licensed salary schedule.

The administrative salary schedule will reflect:

  • responsibility of the position;

  • educational preparation;

  • experience; and

  • length of working year

Administrative salaries are calculated according to the following formula:

  • Base Salary (from Licensed salary schedule, according to education level & years of experience)
  • Formula Salary (School Size % + Responsibility Level % + Administrative Experience %) X Base Salary
  • Extended Year Salary (Extended Year % X (Base Salary + Formula Salary)
  • Leeway Salary (from Licensed salary schedule, based on education level)
  • 2008 Legislative Salary ($2,500)

School Size

  • 0-199 Students 4%

  • 200-299 Students 5%

  • 300-399 Students 6%

  • 400-499 Students 7%

  • 500-599 Students 8%

  • 600-699 Students 9%

  • 700-799 Students 10%

  • 800-899 Students 11%

  • Assistant Principal Half of the above percentages

Responsibility Level

  • Elementary School 11%
  • Middle School 12.5%

  • High School 13.5%

  • District Supervisor 20.5%

  • Assistant Principal Half of the above percentages

Administrative Experience

2% per year, maximum of five years, or 10%

Extended Year (1.5% per week)

  • Elementary School 15% (10 weeks)
  • Middle School 16.5% (11 weeks)

  • High School 18% (12 weeks)

  • District Supervisor 18% (12 weeks)

  • EHS Asst Principal 6% (4 weeks)

  • GRHS Asst Principal 1.5% (1 week)