JJF - Management of Student Activity Funds

Emery County School District

Policy: JJF - Management of Student Activity Funds

Date Adopted: 6 April 1988

Current Review / Revision: 17 June 1998

School activity funds are used to finance a program of school activities which supplement, but do not take the place of, activities provided by the Board of Education. Insofar as possible, the funds will be expended in such a way as to benefit those students currently enrolled in school. The management of the funds will be in accordance with good business practices, including sound budgetary and accounting procedures, and will be audited in the same manner as district funds. There shall be full disclosure of the source and expenditure of all funds.

Fund-raising activities will be in accordance with the general statutes, Board regulations, and directives from the superintendent. These activities shall be approved and monitored by the principal of the school and will be conducted in such a manner so as not to conflict with law while still benefiting the student body as a whole.

The principal will prepare, or cause to be prepared, an annual budget to include all projected revenues and expenditures. Expenditures will be made only for school-related purposes. Student clubs and organizations will be permitted to raise funds and make contributions to charitable organizations upon approval of the principal. Instructional fees will be used only for the purchase of instructional materials and equipment, including athletics, bands, and other curriculum-related activities.