JLCG - Speech Hearing Screening

Emery County School District

Policy: JLCG—Speech and Hearing Screening

Date Adopted: 7 January 2001

Current Review / Revision: 6 September 2006

The Emery County School District conducts annual speech and hearing screening as prescribed in Utah Code 53G-9-402. Screening is scheduled with each individual school and takes place throughout the school year. Screening tests are administered by Emery District Speech-Language Pathologists.

The purpose of screening is to identify students who might need further evaluation of their speech or hearing abilities. Students who fail the initial hearing screening will be given a re-test three to four weeks later. If an urgent medical problem is discovered, parents will be contacted immediately.

All District preschool, kindergarten, first grade, new students, and any referrals will be screened for hearing. Special education students will be screened for hearing at least every three (3) years. Pre-kindergarten students will be given speech, language and hearing screening tests during kindergarten registration. Third grade students and referrals will be screened for speech.