IAA - College and Career Readiness

Emery County School District

Policy: IAA—College and Career Readiness

Date Adopted: 2 October 1996

Current Review / Revision: 4 September 2013

It is the philosophy of the Emery County School District that personal educational planning is essential at the elementary and secondary levels. This planning should involve students, parents and educators.

At the elementary level (K-6), this planning will take place in the form of a Student Education Plan (SEP). At the secondary level (7-12), this planning process will take place through a Student Education and Occupation Plan (SEOP) and shall include reliable, useful and timely data on student progress and goals that will facilitate student planning and the accepting of responsibility for his/her own success. Assessing student achievement, interest, and abilities is critical to extend student learning beyond traditional school boundaries and ease the transition from school-to-school, school- to-careers, and school-to-post secondary training.

  1. All Emery County School District schools will adhere to the following SEP/SEOP standards:

    1. SEP/SEOP conferences shall be held annually.

    2. Parents/guardians and students shall attend conferences at a scheduled time and place.

    3. Earnest and persistent effort will be made to insure all parents/guardians/students attend the conferences.

    4. The Emery County School District will provide a conference form for student conferences. Conference forms will be placed in student portfolios that will follow students through high school.

    5. Students' accomplishments and strengths will be recognized.

    6. Focus will be on education and career development goals and progress.

  2. Elementary SEP conferences shall include:

    1. areas of exceptional performance;

    2. areas where performance could improve;

    3. student goals; and

    4. parent goals.

      Elementary SEP’s are generally established during the Parent/Student/Teacher conferences held during each school year, however elementary schools may submit plans to the School Board for consideration outlining how they will carry out the SEP requirement. Individual school plans require Board approval.

  3. Secondary SEOP conferences shall include:

    1. at least one individual or small group conference annually involving the student, parent/guardian and an educator;

    2. identified career path;

    3. board approved testing by 11th grade (including Career and Technical Education (CTE) competency testing);

    4. advisement of opportunities and intent to use early graduation, concurrent enrollment, and job placement;

    5. identification of career, education, personal, and post secondary goals as part of a four-year plan;

    6. review of registration and class changes to insure consistency with the written SEOP; and

    7. evaluation and monitoring of graduation requirements and test results.

      The Board has set aside one of the scheduled Parent/Student/Teacher Conference days as an SEOP day, however secondary schools may submit plans to the School Board for consideration outlining how they will carry out the SEOP requirement. Individual school plans require Board approval.

  4. The Emery County School District will provide assessment, management, and accountability for:

    1. planning, monitoring, managing education and career development;

    2. identifying and obtaining adequate resources, such as time and training required for a successful program