IML- Removing Barriers to Innovation

Emery County School District

Policy: IML - Removing Barriers to Innovation

Date Adopted: 3 March 1993

Current Review / Revision: 17 June 1998

The Board recognizes that each school in the District is unique and needs to organize and develop programs that meet the individual characteristics of the students enrolled in the school. The Board further recognizes that well- trained teachers and administrators are in the best position to design the programs and organize the school to meet the identified school needs.

Therefore, the Board agrees to consider removing any District restrictions, regulations, policies, rules, or requirements (legally permissible) that might interfere with the professional staff trying new and innovative programs to assist students in attaining maximum intellectual, social, vocational, and/or personal development.

When a school encounters such barriers, it is instructed to work with the superintendent in developing a rationale for the removal of such barriers. The school and the superintendent may then make a written request to the Board for deleting or modifying rules, policies, regulations, restrictions, or requirements.

Meaningful innovation and creativity are encouraged in the District schools.