GECA - Non-Benefited Staff Leaves and Absences

Emery County School District

Policy: GECA - Non-Benefited Staff Leaves & Absences

Date Adopted: 14 August 2013

Current Review / Revision: 14 August 2013

This policy applies to employees hired on or after July 1, 2013 and who are non-benefited, at-will employees.

Attendance at work is critical to insuring the effective operation of the school system and to provide the important services necessary to maintain programs for the benefit of students, staff and the school district.

The Board understands that there are times when employees are ill or have emergencies that necessitate absence from work. Each non-benefited, at-will employee shall work with their immediate supervisor to arrange for absence from work for illness or other emergency reasons. Each employee should work closely with their immediate supervisor to arrange, as far in advance as possible, absence from work for reasons other than illness. School Principals shall report absences from work to the District Office according to established reporting procedures and employees shall have their wages adjusted based on the days/hours of each absence.

If it is determined that an employee is being excessively absent, and that the absences are negatively impacting the school program in which they are hired to work, employment could be affected up to and including termination of employment. Excessive absence from work would generally be determined in relation to absences above and beyond the number of days of leave granted to benefited employees.

If the employee's immediate supervisor determines that there is excessive absence from work, the supervisor shall meet with the employee to discuss the absences and will follow up with a written warning within 5 days. Further absence could result in termination of employment.

Exceptions to this policy shall require Board approval.