JC - School Attendance Areas

Emery County School District

Policy:JC - School Attendance Areas

Date Adopted: 4 May 1989

Current Review / Revision: 4 March 1998

School attendance zones are established by the Board of Education, and all modifications or alterations in zone boundaries will be approved by the Board.

The District will establish bus routes to provide transportation for eligible students to the school in the attendance zone based on the student's residence.

Nevertheless, students may attend a school other than the school located in the attendance zone designated for the student's residence.To do so:

  1. the principal of the receiving school must verify that space is available in the school;
  2. the parents or guardians must agree to provide transportation to and from the school (or the closest existing bus stop, if approved by the Transportation Supervisor), including extra-curricular activities, located outside of the designated attendance area; and
  3. the Superintendent must give approval.