GCFC - LEA Specific Educator Licensing

Emery County School District

Policy: GCFC - LEA Specific Educator Licensing

Date Adopted: 2 September 2020

Current Review / Revision: 2 September 2020

The Board recognized circumstances where teachers will be hired and qualified for positions using Local Educational Agency (LEA) specific licenses.  The Board delegates to the administration the responsibility for implementing policy for LEA specific licenses in accordance with USBE Rule R277-301.

Educator License Eligibility

All applicants must:

  1. Complete a bachelor's or higher degree in a related field of study; or
  2. Have exceptional or specialized occupational experience, training, or expertise directly related to the area of assignment; and,
  3. Complete a criminal background check including review of any criminal offenses and clearance in accordance with Rule R277-214; and,
  4. Complete the educator ethics review described in Rule R277-500-3 within one year of the application.
Education Endorsement Eligibility

This authorization may be issued for a one to three-year period upon request from a District administrator for a licensed teacher who is not endoresed in the area of assignment.

Educator License or Endorsement Approval

The application must receive approval from the Emery School District Board of Education in a public meeting no more than 60 days prior to employment and include:

  1. Rationale for the appointment of an Emery LEA-specific license or endorsement.
  2. Verification that there is an inadequate supply of highly qualified and suitable licensed applicants in the endorsement area by posting the position for a reasonable period of not less than 2 weeks.
Related Information

An Emery School District LEA-specific license area or endorsement is valid for up to three years.  After three years, renewal of the license is subject to the approval or denial of the Uath State Board of Education.

An Emery School District LEA-specific license expires immediately if the educator's employment with Emery School District ends and the educator is not rehired by the District as an educator in the next contract year.

The District is not authorized to provide an LEA-specific educator license in the areas of:

  1. Special Education
  2. Preschool Special Education

LEA-specific Educator Training, Mentoring, and Support

Within the first year of employment, the educator must complete the following training:

  1. Educator ethics;
  2. Classroom management and instruction;
  3. Basic special education law and instruction; and
  4. Utah Effective Teaching Standards described in R277-530.
  5. The educator must participate in the District's Mentoring Program.

The District shall provide at least a two-year mentoring program by a trained mentor educator who:

  1. Holds a professional educator license; and
  2. Where possible, performs substantially the same duties as the educator.
  3. The assigned mentor shall assist the educator to meet the Utah Effective Educator Standards established in Rule R277-530 but may not serve as an evaluator of the educator.

The Applicant and the District will jointly develop a licensing plan to:

  1. Encourage transition from an Emery LEA license to a Professional License.
  2. Identify applicable educational, skill, and/or content knowledge requirements for enrollmetn in a qualified educator preparation program.
  3. Identify paths and opportunities to prepare for successful passage of a pedagogical performance assessment.
  4. Develop significant competency and knowledge sufficient to justify an extension request from the Utah State Board of Education for a continued Emery LEA License if transition to an Associate License is not reasonable or applicable.

For each school that requests LEA-specific licenses, license areas, or endorsements, the following information shall be posted on its website:

  1. Disclosure of the fact that the school employes individuals holding LEA-specific educator licenses, license areas, or endorsements;
  2. Perdentage of LEA-specific licenses, license areas, or endorsements;
  3. A link to the Utah State Board of Education Utah Educator Look-up Tool in accordance with R277-515-7(6).