IHBE - Language Access Policy

Emery County School District

Policy: IHBE — Language Access Policy

Date Adopted: 6 December 2023

Current Review / Revision: 6 December 2023


The Emery School District (ESD) adopts this Language Access Policy to ensure access to agency services, programs, and activities for individuals with limited English proficiency, as mandated by HB302. This policy aims to promote effective communication and inclusivity within the district.


Primary Language:  The first language spoken by a student and their parent or guardian.
Interpretation:  Simultaneous communication between a speaker of English and a speaker of another language.
Translation:  The written communication wherein the written words of one person are communicated to others in writing in a different language.

Language Access Plan:

ESD will designate a Language Access Coordinator responsible for implementing and updating this plan annually, including relevant training.
ESD will notify school personnel of this language access plan, informing them of the rights of parents and students to language assistance services and the proper procedures to access these services.
Within 30 days of a student's enrollment, schools will determine the primary language spoken by the student and their parent or guardian, assessing the need for language assistance.
Schools will maintain an appropriate and current record of the primary language of each parent.

Obligation to Provide Language Assistance Service:

ESD and school offices will provide translation and interpretation services to students and parents requiring language assistance for effective communication.
Schools may provide translation and interpretation services beyond the outlined regulations.
Interpretation Services:
ESD will provide interpretation services during regular business hours for parents and students requiring communication about critical information regarding their child's education.
Depending on availability, interpretation services may be provided at the location or virtually.
Interpretation will be provided for various activities, including classroom activities, office visits, enrollment processes, IEP meetings, and more.
Interpreters and translators will be certified, with education-specific experience for various activities.
Translation will be provided for various materials, including registration documents, assignments, report cards, and other critical communications.

Centrally Produced Critical Communications:

ESD will identify critical documents distributed to guardians regarding their child's education.
ESD will procure timely translations of critical communications in covered languages and work with responsible offices to make translations available to schools.
Schools will provide parents with translations of documents containing individual, student-specific information.
This Language Access Policy is designed to ensure that language barriers do not hinder effective communication and access to educational resources for all members of the Emery School District community.