IKFC - Graduation for Foreign Exchange Students

Emery County School District

Policy: IKFC - Graduation for Foreign Exchange Students

Date Adopted: 9 July 1997

Current Review / Revision: 8 April 1998

Emery County School District recognizes that a student's graduation is a culmination of years of planning successful completion of state and district graduation requirements. Participation in the graduation ceremony should be reserved for students who have met those requirements.

It is also recognized that the intent of the foreign exchange program is to provide the foreign student with a cultural and educational experience in an American high school.

The following are district standards concerning participation of foreign exchange students in graduation ceremonies and the receipt of high school diplomas in the Emery County School District.

  1. All graduating students must complete state and district graduation requirements.

  2. Foreign exchange students wishing to be considered for graduation from one of the high schools in the Emery County School District must make a written request to the high school counselor during the first school semester of attendance.

  3. Foreign exchange students must provide an English translation of the student's transcripts and records. Transcripts and records must be converted to reflect the standard units of credit used by the high schools within the district and must be verifiable. All costs associated with translation and evaluation of transcripts and records will be the responsibility of the foreign exchange student.

  4. Foreign Exchange students must show proof that they are able to speak and understand English - proof: School transcript, letter from English instructor, etc.

  5. Foreign exchange students who meet the District and state graduation requirements, and the requirements of this policy, will be eligible for graduation and related ceremonies as are all other eligible students.

Until an authorized school official has assessed the English translation of the student's transcripts and materials for

graduation eligibility, foreign exchange students should have no expectation of graduation from District high schools.

Sponsoring programs, host families, and other individuals may not advertise graduation from high school as an expectation for foreign exchange students.