EC—Property Disposal

Emery School District
Policy: EC—Property Disposal

Date Adopted: 7 January 2001
Current Review / Revision: 7 January 2001

It is the intent of the Board of Education to derive maximum useable life from all books, supplies, materials and equipment donated to, or purchased by, or for the District.

1. Administrative Officers are authorized to destroy obsolete books and documents belonging to the school. The principal shall provide the District, in advance, with a list of such materials and receive approval from the Superintendent of Schools for their disposal. Books and materials, when discarded, should be so marked.

2. Disposal of textbooks: “A local school District may not dispose of textbooks used in its public schools without first notifying all other school Districts in the state of its intent to dispose of the textbooks. This provision does not apply to textbooks that have been damaged, mutilated or worn out.”

3. Only the purchasing department/business administrator has the authority to dispose of furniture and equipment. Principals shall notify the business office of their request to dispose of surplus property by sending a completed “Surplus Property Requisition” form to the business office requesting the items be picked up from their location.

4. The business office shall maintain and periodically distribute to all schools a list of surplus items.

5. After items have been held in the surplus property facility for a minimum of ninety (90) days, it shall be the business administrator’s responsibility to dispose of said property by the best means possible.

6. Custodians, teachers, secretaries, principals, etc. are not authorized to dispose of any furniture and/or equipment in any way without approval of the business administrator.