KB - Parental Involvement in Schools

Emery County School District

Policy: KB - Parental Involvement in Schools

Date Adopted: 7 April 1993

Current Review / Revision: 17 June 1998

The importance of effective communication and parental involvement in the schools is recognized by the Board of Education. The Board encourages parents to participate in parent/teacher/student conferences, parent/teacher association/organization activities, booster club activities, and other school/student support groups. Parents are also invited to attend special school or class activities and visit their children's classes at any time. In general, parents are welcome in the schools and are encouraged to communicate frequently with teachers and become actively involved in the education of their children.

Nevertheless, the Board is responsible to ensure the safekeeping of students and staff, and also to secure the school buildings and grounds. Therefore, all parents and visitors are to be cognizant of this responsibility and report to the school office upon entering the premises during school hours. In the absence of permission to visit, visitors may be deemed to be trespassers on school property and subject to removal.

Principals, faculties, and staff are to make sure parents and visitors feel welcome in the schools and assist them in an appropriate and friendly manner. Teachers are encouraged to regularly communicate with and involve parents in the education of their children.