GCKA - Professional Staff Assignments and Transfers

Emery County School District

Policy: GCKA-Professional Staff Assignments & Transfers

Date Adopted: 17 August 1988

Current Review / Revision: 1 November 2000

The basic consideration in the assignment of personnel is the well-being of school district programs. Professional staff transfers may be made when it is felt by District administration that employee effectiveness and the overall educational program would be enhanced through exposure to other programs and/or a different staffing environment.

Professional staff will be assigned on the basis of their qualifications, the needs of the District, and the employee's expressed desires. When it is not possible to meet all three conditions, personnel will be assigned in order of

  1. the needs of the District;

  2. where District administration feels the employee is most qualified to serve; and

  3. the expressed employee preference in order of District seniority; all other considerations being equal.

In considering assignments, reassignments, and transfers (including extracurricular assignments), it is the policy of the Board that prior to a decision being made, District administrators or other authority (including the Board) will consult with the person(s) affected.

In the case of vacancies in new or existing positions, favorable consideration will be given to qualified applicants who are current employees.