GDI - Support Staff Probation and Tenure

Emery County School District

Policy: GDI-Support Staff Probation & Tenure

Date Adopted: 3 August 1988

Current Review / Revision: 18 June 2013


Support staff employees will be placed on a provisional status for the first three years of employment. The District may extend the provisional status of an employee for up to two additional consecutive years as outlined in District Policy GDA-Support Staff Positions & Classification.

Non-at-will support staff employees who are employed with the District for three consecutive years, are not in the provisional classification, and have not been placed on probation due to unsatisfactory performance, shall be classified as career employees.

Current employees who have obtained career status in the District, who move to a different position where there is a significant change in work assignment, will be placed on provisional status for the first year of the new assignment. If performance is satisfactory following the provisional status period, the employee will be placed on career employee status.

Evaluation of support staff employees will be in accordance with policy GDO-Support Staff Evaluation.