JLIA - Student Supervision

Emery County School District

Policy: JLIA - Student Supervision

Date Adopted: 3 October 2012

Current Review / Revision: 3 October 2012

The Board of Education of the Emery County School District considers the supervision of students an important aspect of the operation of each school. The Board delegates the responsibilities with respect to planning for supervision of students to the building Principal. The Principal's plan for the provision of adequate supervision is to be based upon such standard of care factors as the following:

  1. the age, maturity and number of students;

  2. the nature, condition and location of the school buildings, equipment and grounds;

  3. the presence of potentially dangerous areas, substances or activities;

  4. the age and degree of skill and training which the students have received in connection with planned exercises or activities;

  5. the expectations of the school system, parents and students.

  6. the prevalence of issues related to the safety and wellness of students (bullying, fighting, etc.)

Elementary Schools

Each Principal shall prepare a supervision schedule for licensed employees prior to school opening each year. All licensed staff are expected to participate in supervision responsibilities as assigned by the principal. The principal shall use the following guidelines in establishing the supervision schedule for the areas listed:

  • Classrooms - when students are present;

  • School playground - when the students are present, and no less than fifteen minutes before classes begin and no later than when the first bus arrives, during morning, afternoon and lunchtime recesses;

  • Bus loading and unloading areas;

  • On educational excursions and other outside school activities; and

  • At extracurricular activities.

Secondary Schools

The following are specific requirements for inclusion in the supervision plan established by the Principal of each secondary school:

  • Classrooms - when students are present;

  • Supervision shall be provided wherever a large number of students congregate, and in all high-risk areas, such as the gymnasium, shops, science labs, if any students are permitted access;

  • In an in-school suspension room operated in the school when students are present;

  • On student educational excursions and other outside school activities; and

  • At extracurricular activities.

The lists above are minimum requirements and the Principal shall consider the provision of additional supervision in light of specific needs.

General Supervision and Training

In addition to the formal supervision in the Principal's plan for supervision, it is expected that staff members will at all times be alert to potential problems in safety, security or deportment and provide, informally, supervision as the situation may warrant.

Principals are expected to ensure that all members of staff are aware of their supervision responsibilities, both formal and informal, and understand procedures appropriate to the specific tasks. Principals are to insure that those performing supervision responsibilities are trained in proper supervision of students, including safety, discipline, emergency response protocols, etc.

Educational Assistants

Educational Assistants employed by the School District, using District funds, are employed to work with students in the classroom or in programs designed to meet the educational needs of the students. Educational assistants funded by the District are not to be used for supervision duties that take them away from the educational assignment for which they were employed. Educational assistants may assist teachers of classes to whom they are regularly assigned during organized outside activities.