GCGB - Arrangement for Substitute Teachers

Emery County School District

Policy: GCGB-Arrangement for Substitute Teachers

Date Adopted: 17 August 1988

Current Review / Revision: 21 June 2005

A substitute teacher is defined as an individual employed to take the place of a regular teacher temporarily absent. Temporarily absent shall be interpreted to mean for a period not to exceed eight weeks. Individuals serving in a teaching position for longer than eight weeks shall be required to hold a teaching license or be replaced by a licensed teacher.

As a result of this definition, the following policies will control the effective use of substitute teachers:

  1. A non-licensed substitute teacher will not serve in a teaching position for more than eight weeks in succession in the same class and/or the same group of students in one academic year.

  2. The first priority in hiring should be given those who hold a valid license and endorsement in the subject matter they will be teaching as a substitute. Second priority should be to hire those who have a valid license in a field commonly taught in the public schools.

  3. When hiring non-licensed substitute teachers, the individual competencies must be carefully evaluated to ensure that a substitute is capable of managing a class and carrying out the instructional program.

  4. Each principal shall develop a list of substitutes and substitutes shall be hired on an individual school basis.

  5. In order to improve and upgrade the substitute program, a system of evaluation will be instituted by principals to determine those individuals who should be used on a continuing basis.

  6. Principals will require regular teachers to have lesson plans available for the use of substitutes. The plans should be available to the substitute immediately upon notification from the school.

The Board will set the daily rate of pay for substitute teachers, including long-term substitutes.