JJJA – Extracurricular activities for Home School and Private School Students

Emery County School District

Policy: JJJA - Extracurricular Activities for Home School and Private School Students

Date Adopted: 1 September 2010

Current Review / Revision: 1 September 2010

Home school and private school students may become eligible and participate in high school extracurricular activities. Participation will be based on Utah Code 53G-6-703.

A private school student may only participate in activities not offered at the student's private school. A private student or a home school student may only participate in activities:

    1. at the school within the attendance boundaries of the student's custodial parent or legal guardian; or

    2. at the school from which the student withdrew to attend a private or home school.


A private or home school student is eligible to participate based on eligibility standards consistent with fully enrolled public school students. A private or home school students shall pay all fees associated with participation. Eligibility based on attendance does not apply to home school students.

Academic eligibility is established by a parent, teacher, or organization submitting an affidavit (signed, notarized statement) to the Principal indicating the student meets academic eligibility requirements. The eligibility affidavit is good for the activity season for which it was submitted.

If a home school student loses academic eligibility, the student remains ineligible until the person who submitted the original affidavit provides written notice to the school principal that the student has reestablished academic eligibility.

A person who has probable cause to believe a home school student does not meet academic eligibility may submit to the School Principal an affidavit asserting such and provide information as to why the home school student does not meet the academic eligibility. If the Principal determines that the statement constitutes probable cause to believe the student is not academically eligible, the Principal shall request a panel to verify the student's academic eligibility as outlined in Utah Code 53G-6-703.

A home school student who becomes academically ineligible shall remain ineligible until the student:

    1. Demonstrates eligibility by means of a portfolio of the student's work (cannot occur during the activity for which the student was declared ineligible).

    2. Returns to public school and reestablishes eligibility; or

    3. Enrolls in a private school and reestablishes eligibility.

A public school student who has been declared behaviorally ineligible remains ineligible consistent with other public school students even if the student withdraws and enrolls in a private or home school.

When selection to participate is made on a competitive basis, eligible private and home school students are eligible to try out and participate on the same basis as public school students.

Academic eligibility for a student who leaves a public school mid-semester, or during an activity season, shall be based on the student meeting public school academic eligibility standards at the time of exiting the public school.