GEBDA - Longevity Benefit

Emery County School District

Policy: GEBDA—Staff Longevity Benefit

Date Adopted: 13 June 2007

Current Review / Revision: 18 July 2018

Emery School District recognizes the value of long-term employees. The benefit extended under this policy is designed to encourage and reward long-term employment with the District.

  1. Years of service, as determined under this policy, are to be rounded to the nearest whole number.

  2. Base salary, as determined under this policy, is defined as contract salary minus leeway and any extracurricular pay, paid prep periods, or extended contracts.

  3. Benefits received under this policy will be pro-rated based on the percentage of FTE contract worked by an employee during any given school year (with 8 hours a day being full-time).

  4. All deposits under this policy will be made by June 30th of the applicable school year.

  5. All deposits under this policy shall be made to the employee through the District-sponsored PrimeChoice plan.

  6. Exceptions to this policy are at the full discretion of the Board of Education of Emery County School District. All interpretations of the intent of this policy shall be vested in the Board of Education.


  1. An employee begins receiving benefits under this policy once he or she has completed fifteen (15) eligible years of service in Emery County School District (hereafter referred to as ECSD), with a minimum of the last ten

    (10) years of eligible service being consecutive.

  2. An eligible year of service is defined as a year of service in which the employee meets or met eligibility requirements for participation in the Utah Retirement System (URS).

  3. Any employee who resigns or is terminated during a contract year will not receive the deposit for that year.


  1. Beginning in the 16th year of eligible ECSD employment, each employee will receive the following:

    1. By the last business day in June of the school year just completed, a deposit which will be calculated as follows:

      1. A base amount equal to $1,000, plus

      2. A salary add-on amount equal to 0.30% of the base salary of the employee during the year of service just completed.