GBJ - Personnel Records

Emery County School District

Policy: GBJ-Personnel Records

Date Adopted: 17 September 1988

Current Review / Revision: 4 February 1998

Each new employee of the District will submit copies of the following materials (to be filed in employee's record file) to the business office:

  1. License: A valid teacher's license for the courses being taught or services being performed. This certificate should be on file prior to the time the employee begins his/her assignment.

  2. Transcript of Credits: An official transcript of credits must be on file no later than Friday of the third week of school.

  3. Withholding Tax Statement. A completed withholding tax statement must be filed in the business office of the district. Federal income tax and state tax deductions will be withheld according to this statement.

  4. A State Retirement Enrollment Form:

  5. A Group Insurance Enrollment Form:

  6. An 1-9 (Citizenship Certification) Form:

In addition, Principals will submit completed evaluations on all professional staff to the district office for insertion in individual personnel files.

It is the responsibility of the individual employee to see that the above records are on file in the district office and to make any corrections or changes that occur during the time of his/her employment.