CBA—Qualifications and Duties of the Superintendent

Emery County School District

Policy: CBA—Qualifications and Duties of the Superintendent

Date Adopted: 20 April 1988

Current Review / Revision: 3 February 1999

Qualifications: 1) Required State Certification

  1. Successful experience as an educational leader and administrator

  2. Other qualifications as determined by the Board

Reports to: Board of Education

Supervises: Central office administrators and school principals. Also, all personnel of the district by working through the school principals.

Job Goal: To provide for effective administration of all schools and departments and educational leadership throughout the school system and community.

The administration and supervision of the activities of the school district are delegated by the Board of Education to the Superintendent of Schools and by him/her to other administrative officers. It is the responsibility of these appointive officers to carry out the policies adopted by the Board to determine the necessary procedures of management and direction and to supervise the actual work being done in the school system.

Performance Responsibilities:

Attends all meetings of the Board except when his/her own election, efficiency, or salary are being discussed.

  • Has responsibility for formulating and recommending school policies, plans and programs.

  • Keeps the Board informed as to how policies are being carried out; as to the effectiveness of such policies, and as to the conditions and efficiency of the different branches of service in the school system. Maintains an adequate system of financial accounts, business and property records, personnel, school population, and scholastic records. Reports at Board meetings such matters as are pertinent to the business at hand, and shall present annually a comprehensive report of the work of the school system, including recommendations affecting the needs of the system.

  • Has power to: select, assign or alter the assignment of, transfer, suspend or place on probation, and to recommend for promotion or dismissal, any or all employees of the Board, and shall provide a system for evaluating the services of all employees. All applications for positions in the school system shall be referred to him/her.

  • Is responsible for the development, maintenance, and operation of suitable systems of in-service training for all district employees.

  • Is responsible for the development and effective operation of such curricula, special courses, and activities as will provide a complete and adequate system of instruction and physical care of all students residing in the Emery County School District; and shall maintain and keep abreast of the needs of the communities, and in keeping with modern practices of education.

  • Exercises general supervision and control over the policies and management of individual schools or other administrative units of the instructional service of the schools.

  • Is the district budget officer and works with the business administrator in the preparation of the annual budget prior to its adoption by the Board of Education and exercises general supervision of the business of the school system.

  • Presents to the Board of Education a policy and program of public relations.

  • Sees that all constitutional or statutory laws and all charter or State Board regulations governing the schools, including provisions affecting compulsory attendance, the issuance of work certificates, elections, bonding, auditing, and all requirements for school reports are carried out, and that the rules and regulations of the Board are enforced.

  • Investigates promptly, and reports to the Board any evidence that may come to his/her notice of any infringement of the legal rights of the district, or in which the legal responsibility of the district may be involved.

  • Recommends to the Board the establishment or alteration of attendance boundaries of all schools.

  • Works with the supervisor of transportation in determining the transportation needs of the students. Recommends a form of contract, including special rules for drivers of vehicles used in transporting pupils, and sees that such service is conducted in accordance with state and local laws, and that the safety and care of children are assured.

  • Gives such instructions to school employees as may be necessary to make fully effective the Board’s policies.

  • Acts on his/her own discretion, if action is necessary, in all matters not covered by these regulations, but shall report such action to the Board for its information and approval.

  • Performs such other duties and exercises additional authority as may be required, or conferred by the law or by the Emery County Board of Education.