EFD—School Food Service Account Charges

Emery County School District

Policy: EFD—School Food Service Account Charges

Date Adopted: 10 August 1999

Current Review / Revision: 3 May 2017

Students of Middle School and High School age are not allowed to charge for meals provided through the School Food Service (SFS) program.

Elementary age students may periodically charge SFS meals; however, such charges are to be minimally granted and are not to exceed five meals per child for the school year. Charged meals are to be granted in emergency cases only.

In order to keep school lunch accounts current and balanced, a weekly phone message will be sent to parents/guardians on all deficient accounts, until the balance is paid. During the school year if a student is out of compliance with this charge policy, parents/guardians will be notified by letter, with additional information including a date as to when their child will no longer be able to participate in the School Food Service Program. At this point, the parent/guardian will need to either pay the amount owed or provide a meal from home.