EFD—School Food Service Account Charges

Emery County School District

Policy: EFD—School Food Service Account Charges

Date Adopted: 10 August 1999

Current Review / Revision: 3 January 2023

To maintain a respectful and positive experience for parents and students during meal service, Emery School District encourages pre-payment for all meals, and charged meals are to be granted in emergency cases only.

Emergency Meal Service:  The Board of Education acknowledges that on occasion, students may not have meal money.  In such cases, a meal will be made available.  School lunch employees shall not withhold a meal or otherwise call attention to the student without meal money.  An employee may remind a student attending a secondary school that their account is in the negative.  The cost of the unpaid meal will be charged to the student’s account.

Evaluation of Individual Circumstances:  School administrators may work with the family to apply for school meal benefits.  

Federal guidelines prohibit the Food and Nutrition operation from writing off bad debts as a result of charged meals.  Every effort will be made to collect for unpaid meals.