GBI - Staff Participation in Political Activities

Emery County School District

Policy: CBI-Staff Participation in Political Activities

Date Adopted: 17 August 1988

Current Review / Revision: 7 January 1998

The Emery County School District Board recognizes the right of its employees, as citizens, to engage in political activity. However, the Board also recognizes that school property and school time paid for by all the people of the District should not be used for partisan political purposes except as provided for in policies pertaining to the use of school buildings by civic and political organizations.

Prohibited activities include the posting of political circulars or petitions, collection or solicitation of campaign funds, solicitations for campaign workers, the use of pupils in writing or addressing campaign materials, and the distribution of campaign materials to pupils on school district property or during school time in any manner which would indicate that a school employee is using a position in the school to further personal partisan views on candidates for public office or questions of public policy.

Nothing in this policy will be interpreted as prohibiting teachers from conducting appropriate activities which encourage students to become involved in the political processes of the party of the students' choice or as independents; nor does it prohibit the use of political figures as resource persons in the classroom.