JJIB - Interscholastic Athletics

Emery County School District

Policy: JJIB - Interscholastic Athletics

Date Adopted: 6 April 1988

Current Review / Revision: 8 April 2015

The Board encourages the participation of both boys and girls in the District's interscholastic athletics program. One of the goals of this program is to meet the needs and interests of both male and female students with regard to interscholastic sports

District participation in interscholastic athletics will be subject to approval by the Board. The school administration will set up rules for participation in, and the conduct of athletic events.

In order for a student to participate in interscholastic athletic events, he/she must have the written consent of a parent or guardian and must be determined physically able to participate in the particular sport by a medical doctor.

Insurance against accident or injury will be made available by the District to students engaging in interscholastic athletics.

Exceptions to this policy require prior Board approval.

Adding or Deleting Interscholastic Competitive Sports

Addition or deletion of interscholastic competitive sports to/from the athletic program of any school must be approved by the Board. The school administration will track "expressed interest" in sports by the student body, evaluate the level of competition appropriate to each sport, and make recommendations to the Board.

The school administration at schools involved in interscholastic competitive sports programs will survey student interest regularly to receive input concerning student interest in sports participation.

Adding any interscholastic competitive sport may be considered when the following criteria are met:

  1. sufficient numbers of students express serious interest in participating in a particular sport not currently being offered;

  2. facilities and equipment are available, or could be added without undue financial burden to the District;

  3. reasonable competition exists within the school's regional classification; and

  4. addition of the sport would generally be in the best interest of the students within the District.

Consideration for deletion of a sport from the athletic program of a school will be based on the adverse of the above criteria.

Participation rates of both boys and girls will be considered before adding or deleting any sport. Every effort will be

made to maintain comparable sports activities for both boys and girls.

High School Sports

High school sports programs will include students in grades 9-12 interested in participating in cheerleading and in sports sanctioned by the Utah High School Activities Association.

The District will provide bus transportation to after-school practices at Emery High School with the regular Activity Bus being available for transportation home at the scheduled time.

Transportation to morning practices, and practices scheduled at specially arranged times, as well as transportation to school after such practices, will be the responsibility of the parent.

Middle School Sports

Middle school sports will include students in grades 6-8 interested in participating in sports programs approved by the School Board. It is the policy of the Board of Education that middle school sports competition be limited to the Carbon and Emery area. Exceptions to this policy require Board approval.

As is the rule of the High School Activities Association for high school sports programs state-wide, it is the policy of the Emery County School District that a middle school student who is unsuccessful in a tryout for a sport in another middle school will not be eligible to participate in that sport in any middle school in the District during that season.

Elementary students are not permitted to participate in secondary school athletic programs without prior Board approval.

No private vehicles will be used for middle school sports travel.