GCS - Professional Research and Publishing

Emery County School District

Policy: GCS-Professional Research & Publishing

Date Adopted: 17 August 1988

Current Review / Revision: 4 March 1998

The following guidelines and procedures will be used to provide a uniform method for handling requests from persons employed by the District to conduct research projects in the Emery Schools:

  1. Any project must be approved by the Superintendent. In the judgment of the Superintendent, the research project must meet the following criteria:
    1. Be of direct benefit to the schools;
    2. Contribute to the advancement of education generally; and
    3. Be approved by the Principal and faculty of the school or schools involved.
  2. Clearance for research to be conducted in a public school by persons in that school should be requested from the Principal. The Principal must submit a written request for approval to the Superintendent.