JJC - Student Performances

Emery County School District

Policy: JJC - Student Performances

Date Adopted: 6 April 1988

Current Review / Revision: 17 June 1998

Instructors are encouraged to arrange for individual students and groups to provide public performances when such performances contribute to educational objectives and when they do not interfere with other scheduled activities or classes within the school, as follows:

  1. All performances involving students will be approved by the building principal.

  2. The extended use of one particular group will be discouraged.

  3. Students participating in a performance will conduct themselves in a way as to bring credit to their school.

  4. Performances that are scheduled outside school hours are preferred. Performances during school hours should be limited to the class period during which the activity is usually taught to that particular student or students.

Student organizations may participate in the activities of the school district and with patriotic and civic groups in the community upon the approval of the principal. They will not be paid for participating or performing when they represent the school.