GCH - Professional Staff Orientation

Emery County School District

Policy: GCH-Professional Staff Orientation

Date Adopted: 7 September 1988

Current Review / Revision: 4 February 1998

The Board recognizes that an appropriate orientation program can aid in the assimilation of new staff members into the school system and can also contribute to the continued growth of returning personnel. Therefore, to acquaint staff members with their duties and responsibilities for the school year, an orientation period of one or more days will be held as determined by the Superintendent.

The orientation of returning personnel will focus upon the changes which have occurred during the previous year and the general goals for the coming year.

Faculty members and administrative staff will jointly plan the sessions.

All first-year provisional educators will be assigned a consulting educator to assist the provisional educator in his/ her entry into the Emery County School District.

Orientation of staff members new to the school system will be the responsibility of the Principal, who will be assisted by the consulting educator, and may extend over a longer period of time. The orientation will provide a broadly-based effort to supply information and background details which will improve the new employee's understanding of the school's and district's framework, including policies of the Board, rules and regulations, and the instructional program.