EEBA—District Owned Vehicles

Emery County School District

Policy: EEBA—District Owned Vehicles

Date Adopted: 11 August 2004

Current Review / Revision: 12 July 2012

Emery County School District maintains a fleet of District owned vehicles for employee use, when available and authorized, for work related assignments. Use of District owed vehicles will be governed by the following:

  1. Generally, District owned vehicles are to be operated by approved District employees only. However, non- employee adults (21 years of age and older) may operate District owned vehicles if the person has been designated as an official volunteer (as defined by Utah Code 67-20). In order to drive District vehicles both approved employees and non-employee adults must pass the defensive driving test provided by Risk Management and provide a copy of the test results to the District Transportation Supervisor along with a copy of a valid driver license.

  2. An approved District employee or non-employee adult may transport other adults, however they can only transport minors if they have successfully passed a criminal background check along with the other requirements above.

  3. District employees approved to travel on official District business may be furnished a District owned vehicle. If a District owned vehicle is unavailable or other extenuating circumstances exist which require the use of a privately- owned vehicle, reimbursement will be made at the current District approved rate. Reimbursement will occur only if permission has been obtained in advance from the District supervisor responsible for the program for which the travel is to be undertaken. When a District owned vehicle is available and an employee elects to drive their own vehicle instead, the reimbursement rate will be one-half of the approved District rate of reimbursement.

  4. The District Supervisor of Transportation will be responsible for scheduling the use of District vehicles and will oversee maintaining the vehicles in safe and reliable condition.

  5. With the exception of the reasonably implied personal use listed below, district owned vehicles are to be used for designated district purposes only. Employees authorized to use District owned vehicles shall use the vehicles within the scope of work for which the vehicle is required and thereafter the vehicle shall not be used for any other purpose. Unauthorized use of District owned vehicles may result in disciplinary action as determined by the Superintendent and Board of Education.

  6. District owned vehicles are not to be driven by students except as part of the regular instructional program in

    driver’s education. Driver’s education vehicles are to be properly marked as student driven vehicles.

  7. The District may disqualify an employee from operating district vehicles because of a poor driving record notwithstanding that the employee has state driving credentials in good standing.

  8. In an emergency, a District owned vehicle may be used by law enforcement personnel or other persons for the purpose of saving life to the extent made necessary by extenuating circumstances, but all reasonable efforts shall be made to comply with District policy governing vehicles and the operation of such vehicles and to protect District vehicles and other District property from harm.

Reasonably Implied Personal Use

  • An employee traveling such distance as to require stop for meals and/or rest breaks is authorized to make such stops as is reasonable.

  • An employee spending at least one night on approved travel may use a district vehicle in the general vicinity of the overnight lodging for the following approved activities:

    • travel to restaurants and stores for meals, breaks and personal needs;

    • travel to grooming, medical, fitness or laundry facilities; and

    • travel to and from recreational activities, such as theaters, parks, or to the home of friends or relatives, provided said employee has received approval for such travel from his or her supervisor.