KBA - Title I Parent Involvement

Emery County School District

Policy: KBA - Title I Parent Involvement

Date Adopted: 4 February 2009

Current Review / Revision: 4 February 2009

The Emery County School District believes that parent involvement is a key element in the success of the District Title I Program. All parents of students in District Title I Schools are eligible, and invited, to participate in school activities and assist in the classroom. The goals of this policy are: 1) increased parent participation in the program, 2) increased parent involvement at home, and 3) increased parental awareness of educational practices and issues. The overall end result of this effort being increased student achievement.

Annual Title I Meetings

Each Title One School in the District will conduct an annual Title I meeting to inform parents of the school's participation in the Title I program and of their right to be involved. Items to be discussed will include:

  • What qualifies the school as a Title I school?

  • What services are included in Title I?

  • The school-parent-compact and parent opportunity to give input.

  • The school-wide plan and parent opportunity to give input.

  • Various parent involvement activities that will be held throughout the school year.

  • The ways in which the school will inform parents of these things and who to contact with questions, concerns, or input in any of the items previously mentioned.

Planning and Input

Each Title One School in the District will have a written plan for parent involvement that includes the elements of this policy. The school plan shall include:

  • A process of planning and evaluating the parent involvement efforts and of annual approval of the school plan.

  • How parent needs shall be accommodated in order to insure maximum opportunity for parent involvement.

  • How parents will be trained on Title One intervention programs and strategies and on how parents can assist their children strengthen their reading skills at home.

  • How the school will work with other agencies within the community to provide partnerships that will improve student academic achievement.

  • A process for keeping parents informed in a timely manner about the Title One Program and about theirchild's progress in the program, which should include parent meetings.

  • How parents will be informed and about State academic standards and local assessment results.

School-Parent Compacts

Each Title I School shall develop a school-parent compact that will be jointly reviewed annually by parents and staff. This compact shall outline how parents, the school staff and students share in the responsibility for improved student achievement and how parents will have the opportunity to be involved in updating this compact each year.